Most Common A/C Problems

As a Florida resident, sunny days and heat go hand in hand nearly year-round. Your A/C works hard to cool the home, but wear and tear quickly occurs in the demanding Florida environment. Read below to learn more about the most common A/C problems that Florida residents experience and learn how to protect your unit and when to call for air conditioning repair west palm beach fl service professionals.

Clogged Filters

A/C filters get built up with pollens and particles that accumulate dust and affect breathing for everyone in the home. Don’t let this happen and ensure the filters are cleaned and changed on a regular basis. Clogged A/C filters harbor allergens that will make everyone sick. It also causes the A/C unit to work harder to cool the home. Change the filters once every month to three months, depending on the type of unit in the home.

Damaged Thermostat

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Thermostat damage is rampant for homeowners in the state due to the need to constantly adjust the temperatures because of fluctuating temperatures. When A/C problems occur, first check the thermostat to determine if this is where the problem lies. Short cycling, cold and hot spots, and blowing warm air are among the issues that may result due to a damaged thermostat. Don’t place your thermostat in direct sunlight for added protection.


Leaking A/C units are a cause for concern. There are many reasons why the air conditioner leaks, from low refrigerant to trouble with power sources. It can be difficult to diagnose a leak, so it’s essential to call out a professional to find the source of trouble and take care of the problem before more damage occurs. Without a fast repair, a leaky A/C unit is a big concern.